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Top 10 Cat Breeds To Quaify For ESA

Publish Date: January 5th, 2021; Publish By: ESA Letter Texas Staff
Top 10 cat breeds to qualify for Emotional Support Animal

Just like owning a dog can reduce your stress and anxiety level, cats are also good at lowering your heart disease.
Owning an Emotional Support Animal as a cat can let you enjoy the endless benefits of cats. They are much smarter and provide you with everlasting happiness.

They are better companions, and therefore, people chose these furry cats to get over many mental disabilities and diseases like autism.

Cats are good at supporting us psychologically and emotionally. Since they have a small size, they make a significant impact on our lives. Cats are active, show quick responses, and are smart.

Here are the top 10 best cat breeds to qualify for an Emotional Support Animal:


Ragdoll holds the first place if you are looking for the best cat breeds as an Emotional Support. These are mild and friendly cat breed with colored fur and blue eyes. With the large size, they have a docile, calm, and floppy nature. Among all the cats, Ragdolls are the largest domestic cat breeds. These cats often seek out human companionship by following people around the house, sleeping, or laying by the side of their owners. Ragdolls are particularly good with children and love to cuddle with them like rolling over and begging. These cats are highly docile, loving, intelligent, relaxed in temperament, gentle, and an easy-to-handle lap cat.


One of the first distinctly known breeds of Asian cat is the Siamese cat. These cats are usually elegant, affectionate, and intelligent cats, also known for their social nature. Many Siamese cats are highly vocal and have a loud, low-pitched voice. These cats have blue almond-shaped eyes, a triangular head shape, large ears, an elongated, slender. These cats don’t like to be left alone for a long time and might suffer from depression and anxiety due to the separation. Even as adults, these cats are active and playful and are often characterized as more dog-like in behavior than other cats. These cats often get strongly connected to single persons.

Looking to Apply for an ESA Letter for Your Pet

Get Started by following these Steps:

1. Start FIlling up the ESA Evaluation form with your details.

2. Get Evaluated by a Local ESA Doctor once the submission is complete.

3. Get Approved and Receive your Letter In Your Email.

American Shorthair

American Shorthair cats are adorable and affectionate. They have solid built, powerful, and muscular bodies with well-developed shoulders, chests, and hindquarters. They have a charming personality and love to be around their family and even with young individuals. They are low-maintenance cats and are healthy, easy-going, affectionate with owners, and social with strangers.
These cats are entertaining companions and known for being easy-going and docile. These loving cats are more fond of attention, love, and care.


Persian cats are medium-sized cats with rounded ears and big eyes in appearance. These cats are a long-haired breed that has a round face and short muzzle.
The Persian cat is quite an exquisite breed with its snub noses, chubby cheeks, and long fur. Usually, they are both quiet and affectionate cats who find comfort in their handler’s lap, but they are comfortable just lounging around as well. They make the perfect warmer, purring lap.


Manx is a breed of domestic cats with a small stub of a tail but is mostly known for being tailless, making them different from other cat breeds. These cats are considered to be social, friendly, and very attached to humans. They got shy of the strangers, but are highly intelligent, playful, suggestive behavior just like dogs. These cats are merely docile, good-tempered, and friendly. These cats are more active, energetic, and have an alert character.

Russian Blue

Russian Blue has bright green eyes, purple-colored paws, and pinkish lavender. They have two layers of short thick fur and a blue-grey coat cover. These cats are found to be more curious and calm animals. This breed of cat is known for its friendliness, intelligence, and reserved nature. These cats are often found to play, fetch, and open doors, also sensitive to human emotions. These kittens are energetic, enjoy playing with various toys, and sometimes become mischievous when they get bored. These cats can remember their visitors and can tell people they meet regularly.

Maine Coon

Maine coon is the largest breed of cats among domesticated cats. These cats have a unique physical appearance and are large, friendly, and popularly known as the gentle giants. Maine coons are reputed known for their intelligence and happy, gentle personality. Apart from her size and history, Maine coons are sweet-tempered and gentle. These cats adapted to any environment and can be quite loud, but her soft, quiet voice makes you feel that they are a lamb.

American Bobtail

American Bobtail is a healthy cat breed with short-long haired coats. Their body is moderately long, substantial boning, and chunky. They are more playful, friendly, and energetic with enough creative ability like escaping from closed doors and secured cages. They have a friendly nature with their owners and need their attention the most.
They are moderately energetic and love to travel, adapted to every new environment, and are good companions for travellers.


Himalayan cats are one of the best cat breeds for indoor companions. They are sweet-tempered, smart, friendly, and intelligent cats but moody at the same time. These cat breeds are a heritage of Siamese cats but are more active than Persian cats. Most of the Himalayan cats love to play, fetch, and possess a playful and entertaining side. These cats are loyal, are known for their companionship and protection towards humans. These cats crave affection and love and like to be hugged and groomed.


Bengal cats are quite smart, energetic, and are also playful. Being so active and intelligent, they look for a home that can match their energy. They look similar to that of a leopard and have an affectionate look. Besides their appearance, Bengal cats are devoted to their human families like owners and their family members. They have a high-energy, fun-loving, and playful side. These cats are active and love to climb and are mostly found perching at the highest point they can reach.

Already got a cat? Get it certified by following these steps:

1. Apply Online: Firstly, apply online for your ESA letter, and needs to fill in the online evaluation form with accurate medical details and requirements for an Emotional Support Cat.

2. Get Evaluated: Nextly, you will get evaluated by the Licensed mental health physicians for your further evaluation process.

3. Receive an ESA Letter: Lastly, you will receive your Emotional Support Animal Letter for your cat digitally via Email, and you can further keep it as proof while flying or staying on a rental property.


So, these were the top 10 best cat breeds that qualify as an Emotional Support Animal. Cats are loving and docile animals with unique abilities to make people happy and help them get over their mental health disabilities like stress and depression.



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